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SRAM Card Readers

Over the years, we have providing the CNC factory floor with useful products & service. To service you better sometimes, we supply hard to get parts - like Fanuc compatible PCMCIA SRAM Cards. They are used for file loading and backup purposes on the Fanuc 15B, Fanuc 16/18BC, and all Fanuc iA (and up) controllers.

Fanuc iA can use PCMCIA ATA style Flash cards (even Compact Flash), but the universal type for older Fanuc and new ones is the hard-to-get PCMCIA SRAM card. We have a supply and test them on our lab Fanuc controllers as there are a lot on the market that will not work. Avoid any new PCMCIA SRAM cards on eBay as they do not work unless they are 8 + 16 bit auto selectable with 8k of attribute memory.

Also make sure you have an OmniDrive or a pre-Win7 laptop that has a PCMCIA Type II slot. An old Toshiba XP laptop seems to be the best, as some XP/98/2000 Dell laptops fail. The PCMCIA cards below fit on Fanuc 16/18 B/C, 15B, and the i series controllers. We have special cards for Yasnac J300 by the way.

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