ORiON Production Interface (OPI Unit)

The OPI Unit can be installed in most CNC machine tools to enable network wireless access for DNC file transfer & machine monitoring.

Green Light Production Monitoring

The Green Light System is a wireless OPI-based stack light monitoring system that can be expanded to handle DNC, user input & energy monitoring.

CNC Memory Upgrades

Maxmize you CNC memory with Nexas upgrades for almost all of your Fanuc and Yasnac controls. Reduce setup time with a memory upgrade today.

ORiON Production Interface (OPI Unit)

The Nexas OPI Unit is designed to be connected to most CNC machine tool controls to enable DNC and machine monitoring on both wired & wireless networks. The latest version, called the OPI-2 allows for Gigabit Ethernet, dual serial ports and a Zoller zidCode bar code interface.

As well, the OPI can also work as a CNC network bridge. In that mode the CNC Ethernet port goes to the OPI LAN port, which then uses the OPI's Wifi connection to bridge to the corporate part program server.

ORiON Production Interface
  • The OPI is easy to install with its magnetic mount
  • Easy to configure with browser interface management
  • DNC capability (including protocols) is embedded
  • Gigabit LAN & 802.11AC Wifi Support
  • Built-in Linux with SAMBA server support for mapping of drives
  • 8 Gigs of factory non-rotating SD Flash media (expandable)
  • Also supports 4 USB, Bluetooth & HDMI out
  • High speed RS232 serial support for CNC file loading & DNC
  • The OPI can take 12-30VDC for incoming power supply on the companion NEX-5908 adapter (usual is 24VDC)
The OPI Gateway can be act as a local internal data server or a Gateway Relay to our Cloud Server for secure Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) applications with embedded SSH (port 443) & certificates. Our goal security-wise is to make an ITAR compliant wireless DNC & machine monitoring system.

The OPI enables almost any machine to be a node on the corporate network and we are almost always enabling wireless connectivity - so it can really be considered primarily a wireless DNC and machine monitoring solution.

Green Light Production Monitoring

The Nexas Green Light System is a simple technique to monitor the normal stack light production signals (or equivalents) - namely InCycle (Green), Idle (Amber) and Alarm (Red). Now with our Nexas "Tool Power Sensor", we can add Spindle Utilization and even Tool Life Management to the data that can be collected.

The OPI unit can also be used for DNC file loading and at the same time leverage the 8 optically isolated inputs to achieve this real time monitoring. Our goal is a simple economical MTConnect adapter that enables all your legacy machines to be compatible & online.

  • Local MTConnect adapter for legacy machines
  • Data can be sent out to our Gateway via sockets
  • Virtual Stack light history
  • Browser-based mobile reporting is available
  • Realtime data can be sent to ERP or e-mail
  • Supports kanban boards, tablets, smart phones
  • Reporting options are unlimited ...
The OPI Gateway acts a data hub for multiple OPI Units (one in each machine tool). This Gateway can be act as a local data server (for browser support in the plant) or as a Gateway & Data Relay to a our Cloud Server for secure Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) applications.

CNC Memory Upgrades

The staff at Nexas started over 20 years ago with CNC Memory Upgrades and helped design and install the first 3rd party Fanuc memory upgrades. We still have memory upgrades for all the Fanuc 6, 9, 10, 11,12, 0,15,16,18 etc controls and even have BTRs for the older Fanuc controllers if needed.

That said, we are the only company servicing the older supplying a Yasnac J300 Memory Upgrade end user installable kit below. We handle the Yasnac MX/LX1/2/3, i80 and J300 as well. We also supply many other upgrades for the CNC factory floor with leading edge products & service.

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  • Hardware Replacements
  • FMS automation design
  • End-User Installable Kits
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