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Meet The ORiONs - the New OPI, O2 & Classic ORiON

Machine Gateway Interfaces

The Nexas ORiON™ has been called a game changer by our clients for their CNC connectivity and capability. As a small co-processor, file manager & communications engine for any CNC, the ORiON™ brings any CNC control into the 21st Century by putting each machine on the wired or wireless shop floor network and localizing DNC functionality at each control. This way, the ORiON™ is like a low cost retrofit that gives you new options for NC part program file management, machine monitoring & operation...

Introducing the new ORiON Production Interface (or OPI Unit). It is a powerful ARM-based box that acts like a CNC co-processor complete with embedded DNC software, mapped drives, remote desktop, FTP server, 8 Gigs of Flash Drive memory, no fan or moving parts, a serial port, 4 USB 2.0 ports, HDMI, 5VDC power (from our NEX-5990 that can take 7-30 VDC in), a 10/100 LAN port, 902.11 B/G/N and with the NEX-5999 up to 8, 24 bit analog I/O for machine monitoring.

Our O2 runs a an INTEL ATOM processor runs Win7 (or Debian Linux) and magnetically mounts for rapid installations. Soon the Fanuc FOCAS protocol will be added with MTConnect and file server capabilities. From enabling special protocols (like Mazak's CMT) to pallet systems and the M198 remote calls, this Nexas OPI Unit is a real addition to any CNC. No need for DNC systems or memory upgrades with this innovation...

The ORiON Production Interface (OPI) ...

The ORiON 2 (or O2 Box) with Win 7 and many features - also our Nexas Gateway device...

Whether you are sitting at your desk, or out on the floor at the control, you have access to your files! With an ORiON™ inside, operators can pull needed files when they need them in seconds at the machine, or you can push one to them with a couple of clicks of a mouse! With 2 Gigs of local flash memory, the ORiON™ is ideal for aerospace, job shop, production & automotive factory floors.



Since time is money, the ORiON™ is the fast for file loading its fast processor probably makes it the best new DNC system on the market. Isn't it time to speed up operations and turbo charge your CNC communications?

Now released is our machine monitoring version based upon the the ORiON Production Interface (or OPI Unit). Call us for details!

Click here for an Introduction to ORiON™ to explore all things ORiON™...


Computer Integrated Manufacturing

That Leverages Cloud, Wireless & Mobile Technology Securely

On Your Factory Floor

CNC VISION SYSTEMS - Nexas is has introduced a whole new category of shop floor productivity enhancement with the TooliVision(TM) CNC Scope. A camera that acts like a tool in the spindle. From setup reduction to on-board CMM like functionality and even machine calibration, our patented spindle mounted high definition camera leverages the machines motion control and digital memory to provide impressive 40 times magnification of every part feature. Now a visual record of your machine and your parts can be stored for traceability and quality control. The uses of this technology are exciting and will prove to replace touch probes in many applications we suspect.

MTCONNECT FOR LEGACY MACHINES - Our team helps manufacturers compete in today's challenging global business climate. Nexas also helps companies integrate MTConnect XML web-based connectivity on all machines. Check out MTConnect's latest Legacy Connectivity White Paper overview here! We have also created an MTConnect survey to find out how people envision using the new standard - check it out at MTConnect Usage Survey.

MACHINE NETWORKING - Nexas Networks specializes in Computer Integrated Manufacturing. We focus on CNC machine tool control connectivity, memory, machine monitoring, OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness), DNC, BTRs & many other unique optimization options. We also have the new NEX-5900 Series of I/O Tap boards to make machine monitoring and data collection even easier. The new NEX-9015 ORiON Production Interface (OPI) line enables embedded DNC, mappable drives, 10/100 LAN, 802.11 B/G/N Wireless and USB key operation.

FANUC & YASNAC CNC MEMORY - While specializing in Fanuc CNC memory upgrades - Nexas also offers Yasnac & Mitsubishi CNC Memory. In fact, almost any CNC control can be upgraded, monitored & optimized - call us for creative optimization solutions.

TRIBOGENICS WATSON XRF - New to Canada is the Tribogenics XRF Technology for Positive Material Identification (PMI) of heavy and light elements used in manufacturing. Using leading edge X-Ray Fluorescence techniques, one can quickly and accurately determine the actual composition of any element above carbon - which is especially useful for aerospace, scrap dealers and almost anyone who uses metal. Check out for more details...


Computer Integrated Manufacturing (CIM) Products & Services:

  • The ORiON Production Interface (or OPI Unit) for machine monitoring and embedded DNC;
  • A full suite of Predator DNC, visualization, editor, data collection, tool crib management, shop traveler, document management software & now robotic cell integration software;
  • I/O Tap Machine Monitoring Boards (our NEX-5900 Series);
  • Fanuc CNC Memory Upgrades for most controls:
    • Fanuc 0 M/T Kits to 320M (128k),
    • Fanuc 6 M/T A/B & B26 to 1280M (512k),
    • Fanuc 9 M to 2560M (1.5Meg),
    • Fanuc 10 M / T Kits (to 640M (256k),
    • Fanuc 11 M/T to 5120M (2 Megs),
    • Fanuc 12 M/T to 5120M (2 Megs),
    • Fanuc 15 M/T A/B to 5120M (2 Megs),
    • Fanuc 16 Models A/B/C to 5120M (2Megs),
    • Fanuc 18 Models A/B/C to 5120M (2Megs) with the right firmware version (512k otherwise),
    • Fanuc 16 iA / Fanuc 18 iA Series to 5120M (2 Megs),
    • Fanuc 20 / 21 I to 1280M (512k);
  • Yasnac CNC Memory Upgrades:
    • Yasnac MX1 /Yasnac LX1 to 320M (128k)
    • Yasnac MX1 / Yasnac LX2 to 320M (128k)
    • Yasnac MX3 / Yasnac LX3 to 2560M (1 Meg)
    • Yasnac i80 to 5120M (2 Megs)
    • Yasnac J300 M/T to 5120M (2 Megs) - exclusive supplier
  • Handheld Terminals & USB Bar codes readers;
  • Tape reader emulators - Fanuc BTRs, Sanyo Denki BTRs, Remex BTRs, Decitek BTRs, GE BTRs, EECO BTRs, etc;
  • Specialized DNC Software Solutions with Protocol Development;
  • ERP Integration & Custom Software Solutions;
  • Older Fanuc control specialized software upgrades;
  • MTConnect Integration - specializing in legacy machines;
  • Serial DNC Cable Manufacturing;
  • Predator Digi to Comtrol adapter boards (NEX-6424);
  • TooliVision CNC Scope - A Camera for Reduced Setup, on-board CMM & traceability;
  • Ribbon cable test & I/O Diagnostic Board (NEX-5910);
  • Tribogenics Watson XRF Positive Material Identification (using X-Rays)
  • CNC service & technical field support...

Nexas is an authorized Predator Software representative in Canada, with regional dealers and other partners in our team around the world.

From CNC memory upgrades to connectivity options in the Aerospace, Automotive, Job Shop, Production, Fabricating, Woodworking & Robotics Markets, we are here to help...

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