Who Are we?

Although Nexas Networks was founded in 2010, our industry veterans have been focused on Computer Integrated Manufacturing since 1992. Over the years, we have been providing the CNC factory floor with leading edge products, a knowledgeable service team and a respected dealer network.

Our specialty is in the area of machine tool connectivity, monitoring and optimization. From aerospace to auto parts, our staff can help boost your productivity and profitability. Our clients value our depth of knowledge in the CNC, networking, memory & now wireless secure DNC fields.

Nexas is also the Canadian dealer for Predator DNC software and can help service any existing clients in Canada. Finally, Nexas represents Memex Inc. and Tulip Electronics in the memory upgrade space.

Leading the market with our ORiON Production Interface (OPI Unit), Green Light Machine Monitoring, our Tool-i-Vision CNC Scope & ITAR compatible cyber security shop floor network systems. There is really something new and exciting in the CNC world ...

2017 CMTS Trade Show - Nexas Booth

General Manager

Tom Gaasenbeek

Nexas was started by Tom Gaasenbeek in 2010 who is known for a deep knowledge of machine tool world. He was already doing IIoT in the late 1990's when the "Internet of Things" phrase was invented had his first web site up in August 1994 - way earlier than almost anyone in our sector. Tom saw the potential of a wireless shop floor network and remote cloud servers before most. 

In the late 1990s, Tom coined the term "InterNetworking Machines To The World" to describe what his team was trying to do - way ahead of his time.

Today it is "Computer Integrated Manufacturing" or CIM - so please feel free to reach out to us with the contact info below and make sure to check our "CIM Today" blog at nexasnet.blogspot.ca for more detail on our mission and interests.

We are "up to something" and would like you to partner with us on our ambitious goal of turning machine tools into metal printers and "Automating the Automation"...

Nexas Networks Inc.

762 Upper James St, Suite 226                <-- Note our new Address as of August 1, 2018
Hamilton, Ontario Canada L9C 3A2

Main Phone:      1-905-581-3717   

Sales Inquiries: 1-905-581-3718   or try sales@nexasnet.com

Fax:                    1-877-293-7105

Our Nexas office hours are 9:00 AM to 5:0 PM EST, Monday to Friday. Tech support is available after hours. To have us contact you with a product inquiry or a support issue you can e-mail us directly at sales@nexasnet.com or simply call our sales line at 1-905-581-3718 ...