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Fanuc Memory Upgrades

Over the years, we have providing machine shops with leading edge products & service. We have built up a respected machine tool service dealer network as well for better local support. Our specialty is in the area of Fanuc machine tool optimization and often a memory upgrade is one of the best options. From aerospace to auto parts, our staff can help boost your productivity and profitability.

We have memory upgrades from the Fanuc 6 to the 15/16/18/ iA controllers. No one does the iB or higher controllers as a third party upgrade yet - but for those late model controls we have the Excellerant UMI DNC co-processor.

Clients usually maximize their available memory to reduce setup time, edit or run longer programs, or move away from dripfeeding so that they can restart easier. All of these options reduce setup time and thus overall cycle time. The time to load the files in is often done in parallel with a setup so the extra load time for a long file is not noticed.

For Fanuc controllers, the fastest possible execution is running from memory, in incremental, in metric with as many relevant options on to speed up execution (like Multi-Block Buffer, High Speed Machining, and the use of circular interpolation rather than just all linear moves).

Check out for information on how to backup your Fanuc and order a ladder diagram in easy-to-use PDF format.

Our Nexas Fanuc Memory Upgrades Include:

Fanuc 6,9,11,12 - Minimum 320 Meters (128k) to 5120 Meters of Tape (2 megs)

Fanuc 10 A/B/D
- Minimum 40 Meters (48k) to 640 Meters (256k)

Fanuc 0 A/B/C/D
- Minimum 80 Meters (32k) to 320 Meters (128k)

Fanuc 15 A/B
- Minimum 1280 Meters (512k) to 5120 Meters (2 Megs)

Fanuc 16/18 A
- Minimum 320 Meters (128k) to 1280 Meters (512k)

Fanuc 16 B
(M/B: A16B-3200-0010) - Min 1280 Meters (512k) max 5120 Meters (2 Megs) 

Fanuc 16/18 B/C
- Minimum 1280 Meters (512k) to 5120 Meters (2 Megs) 
(note that the Fanuc 18B maxes at 1280 Meters or 512k, but the Fanuc 18C maxes at 5120 Meters or 2 Megs if you have firmware version BDF2:0017 or higher - which we can provide for free)

Fanuc 15/16/18/20/21 iA Control - Min 1280 Meters (512k) and max is 5120 Meters (2 Megs)

Fanuc 20/21 A/B - We have select memory upgrade kist for those controls as they are limited.