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Nexas Yasnac J300 Memory Upgrades

Nexas offers the only end user installable Yasnac J300 Memory Upgrade kit with everything you need to get the job done yourself to save money & time. We sell a kit that will maximize the J300 onboard part program memory to 2 megabytes or 5120 Meters of Tape Equivalent.

All Yasnac J300 controls have a base memory board on top of the JCP01 board - usually a JANCD-JMM01-1 (128k or 320M) Board. In our upgrade kit we ship a tested JANCD-JMM01-2 that enables a full 2 Meg (5120 Meter). We also ship a special kit for backing up and restoring the parameters and system files (LADDER and CAPL) using a PCMCIA FLASH card and a USB PCMCIA Reader. The detailed instructions in the kit have quite a few pictures to help almost anyone to perform this upgrade. We do ask for the old JMM01-1 core back or there is an extra charge.

We offer free tech support during the J300 upgrade process by the way ...