Wireless DNC Solutions
ORiON Production Interface

We offer this Quad Core 32 bit Linux ORiON Production Interface (OPI-5) Unit that can be installed in most CNC machine tools to enable wireless networking for DNC part program file transferring & monitoring.

Machine Data Collection Solutions
Green Light Monitoring

We work with various software vendors to offer an OPI-based monitoring system that can be expanded to handle DNC, user input & AI optimized production. We can work with any MDC system as an edge device.

CNC Memory Upgrades
Yasnac J300 Memory Upgrade

Optimize you CNC with Nexas Memory Upgrades for almost all of your Fanuc,Yasnac & certain Mazak (Mitsubishi) controls. Reduce setup time and save money with a memory upgrade today.

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Wireless DNC Solutions -  CNC Memory Upgrades for Fanuc, Yasnac, Mazak & Mitsubishi
Machine Monitoring - Fanuc Ladder Service

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ORiON Production Interface (OPI Unit)

The Nexas OPI Unit is a smart edge device designed to be connected to most CNC machine tool controllers to enable wireless DNC and machine monitoring. The current version, called the OPI-5 allows for Gigabit Ethernet, dual serial ports and a bar code interface. The OPI-5 can have various machine monitoring add-ons - PLCs for I/O pickup of digital and analog I/O. The OPI-5 can interface with 3rd party machine monitoring software as well.

As well, the OPI can also work as a CNC network bridge. In that mode, the CNC Ethernet port goes to the OPI LAN port, which then uses the OPI's Wifi connection to bridge to the corporate part program server. This OPI network bridge feature is useful for modern CNCs that have LAN network connectivity, but not wireless
(e.g. later generation Fanuc, Mazak, Haas, Yasnac, etc). The OPI-5 is your open, Linux-based, smart edge device that is truly a web-enabled, secure client to enable whatever manufacturing optimization applications you need.

The OPI-5 is scalable as can be expanded and redeployed over and over in various machines. The latest advances include development of a vision based machine monitoring system leveraging Augment Reality (AR), and the eventual use of Artificial Intelligence (AI). Also there is now a licensing capability for "Hardware as a Service" (HaaS) style deployments. We also have a economical OPI-1 with 8 opto isolated inputs now available.

OPI-5 Back Panel
ORiON Production Interface
  • OPI units are easy to install, and come with a fast magnetic mount and everything in the kit to do the job
  • Easy to configure with browser interface management
  • DNC capability (including protocols) is embedded
  • Gigabit LAN & 802.11 B/G/N Wifi Support
  • Built-in Ubuntu Linux with powerful SAMBA server support for mapping of drives (to and from the OPI-5)
  • 8 Gigs of factory nonvolatile SD Flash media (expandable)
  • The OPI-5 has 2 external USB 2.0 ports for peripherals
  • High speed RS232 serial support for CNC file loading & DNC drip feeding (2nd serial for Optional Add-in Cards)
  • The OPI has flexible power supply options - it can take 7-30VDC for incoming power supply (the usual is 24VDC for most controls, with HAAS being 12VDC). Note that Fanuc is plug 'n play with the OPI line...
The OPI Gateway can be act as a local internal data server, bar code interface or a Gateway Relay to our Cloud Server for secure Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) applications. Our goal security-wise is to make an ITAR compliant wireless DNC & machine monitoring system.

Production Monitoring

Partnering with various software vendors (including now Excellerant, LLC), we can provide machine monitoring system optimizes the machine cycle times between jobs and uniquely inside the running cycle. The idea is to optimize when jobs are scheduled and watch carefully for M00 optional stops to optimize cycle time by leveraging fewer operators to do more. The software gives an operator insight into what will be coming and a countdown timer to see when they will be needed thus reducing wasted IDLE time.

Our Nexas OPI units are used for machine data collection to enable this optimization and for DNC file loading. Nexas strives to offer a simple economical MTConnect adapter that enables all your legacy machines to be compatible & online.

  • Local MTConnect adapter for legacy machines
  • Data can be sent out to our Gateway via sockets
  • Virtual Stack light history
  • Browser-based mobile reporting is available
  • Realtime data can be sent to ERP or e-mail
  • Supports kanban boards, tablets, smart phones
  • MES compatible with rich reporting options...
The OPI Gateway acts a data hub for multiple OPI Units (one in each machine tool). This Gateway can be act as a local data server (for browser support in the plant) or as a Gateway & Data Relay to any Cloud Server. We are happy to be working with MES Solution Providers for a cloud-based machine optimization, monitoring, and scheduling applications for instance.

CNC Memory Upgrades

The Nexas leadership started close to 30 years ago with Fanuc CNC Memory Upgrades and helped design and install the other controllers like Yasnac. We still have memory upgrades for all the Fanuc 6, 9, 10, 11,12, 0,15,16,18 etc controls, and even have BTRs (Tape Reader Replacements) for the older Fanuc controllers if needed.

That said, we are the only company servicing the Yasnac J300 with a Memory Upgrade kit. We handle the Yasnac MX/LX1/2/3, i80 and J300 as well. We also supply many other upgrades for the CNCs on your factory floor with leading edge products & service. We even have OPI Networking solutions for SELCA CNC machines now.

Yasnac MX3 1 Meg Memory MM21-5
  • Most Fanuc memory upgrades offered:
    - Fanuc 6/9/11/12 Bubble Memory Units
    - Fanuc 10, 0 & 15 memory upgrade kits
    - Fanuc 16/18 A/B/C memory upgrade modules
    - Fanuc 16/18/15/21 i A Series memory upgrades

  • Most Yasnac Series Memory Upgrade Kits:
    - Yasnac J300 (2 Megs) memory upgrade
    - Yasnac i80 (2 Megs) memory upgrades
    - Yasnac MX3/LX3 (1 Meg) memory upgrades
    - Yasnac MX1/MX2 & LX1/LX2 memory upgrades as well
  • Behind the Tape Reader (BTR) units for older CNC controllers that replace tape readers to enable serial loading of part programs or dripfeeding;
  • Option & Parameter optimization - CNC parts
  • End-User Installable Kits
Add more capability and reduce setup times with the legacy memory upgrade that you always wanted.
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Nexas DNC Solutions Overview:

Nexas has DNC solutions for almost all the machine tool controllers out there - including Fanuc, HAAS, Yasnac & Siemens. Other controllers we have connected to include Mazak, Heidenhain, Amada, Milltronics, TRAKs, Mitsubishi, OKUMA, GE and a host other names. Our primary discrete manufacturing markets are aerospace, automotive, job shop & production shops - with woodworking and many other miscellaneous industries.

We even have DNC firmware upgrades for Fanuc 0 controllers (if the OEM didn’t enable the "DNCI" bit) and Fanuc 3 controls unique so that they can drip feed programs in. Most of the custom protocols we have embedded into our older DNC software, but so far we have only the Fanuc, Siemens, FOCAS, MTConnect and Mazak CMT in the OPI. We do not have the Heidenhain FE1, FE2, EXT or LSV2 embedded in our OPI yet, but we are working on it using TNCRemote as our base.

So with our wireless OPI Units we can handle almost every combination:
- The newer machines that have Ethernet with our mapped drive feature
        (e.g. Fanuc i series, Mazak Fusion and up, OKUMA 700 and up, newer NGC HAAS controllers with NETDRIVE, etc);
- The older ones with Ethernet that need an FTP server (Fanuc 16/18 Models B & C);
- The ones that use serial – Fanuc 6, 9, 11, 12, 0, 15, 16, 18 & 21 – Yasnac i80, J50 & J300 – older OKUMA – Siemens 840C/D etc - and most other machines out there;
- We support even older machines that need BTRs (we have our own for Fanuc, Sanyo Denki, Remex, EECO and Decitek tape reader emulation);
- And we have special cases like Heidenhain that we embed TNCRemote into our box or other protocols like Mazak CMT…

The principals of Nexas have been in the DNC market for close to 30 years now and worked with many partners over the years. Today we are continuing to evolve the Machine Data Collection (MDC) field with our latest OPI-5 model. So today we have partners to help us offer more elaborate machine monitoring solutions in that we handle the machine connectivity and DNC functions - they handle reporting, ERP integration and scheduling.

Also look at our FanucLadder.Com service - we can can extract and produce PDF ladders for your older Fanuc machines. Many do not have written ladder diagrams or they are not easily searchable when needed - our service makes it easy to get this valuable backup & diagnostic resource.

Feel free to call us if you have questions, or need help in anyway.

Thank You - Tom Gaasenbeek
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