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The NEX-5900 Series I/O Tap Boards

The Nexas NEX-5900 Series of I/O Tap breakout boards have been made to enable easy tapping of up to 8 machine tool input and output lines (in whatever voltage you have such as 24VDC, 12VDC, 9VDC or 5VDC) for machine monitoring, OEE and safety compliance purposes.

The NEX-5990 is a special power supply and main I/O tap matrix board has IDC style adapters can work interface to. Now wiring up to get machine tool signals has never been easier - especially on older machine tools.The various breakout boards are all 1:1 pin translations (male to female pin 1 to 1, 2 to 2, and so on) with a tap for wires to eavesdrop on the lines needed. One simply unplugs the cable from the control and puts the appropriate I/O tap 5900 series board in between. Note that the silver locking mechanisms on the Honda connectors may need to be removed on one end and an M2 x 10mm screw used to secure the Honda connector to the CNC end (which we supply).

If you only need a few wires for your monitoring then the male to female extender boards will do (see NEX-5950, NEX-5920 & NEX-5925). You use a "Y" ribbon cable to reconnect the controls I/O lines at a reasonable distance (like 24-36 inches), then the rest of the 5900 series work with the Main NEX-5990 to get your signals and power out easily.

The Various Boards in the 5900 Family Are:

NEX-5950 – Honda MR50 male & female connector tap
NEX-5951 – Honda MR50 Female to 50 pin 100 thou box header for IDC cable
NEX-5952 – Honda MR50 Male to 50 pin 100 thou box header for IDC cable

NEX-5920 – Honda MR20 male & female connector tap
NEX-5921 – Honda MR20 Female 20 pin 100 thou box header for IDC cable
NEX-5922 – Honda MR20 Male to 20 pin 100 thou box header for IDC cable

NEX-5925 – DB25 male & female connector tap
NEX-5931 – DB25 Female to 26 pin 100 thou box header for IDC cable
NEX-5932 – DB25 Male to 26 pin 100 thou box header for IDC cable


I/O Tap Expansion Board
(3 Additional Headers that work
with the NEX-5990)
+ 8 Additional Outputs (D9-D16)


I/O Tap Level converter 
24VDC Adapter


IDC Ribbon Cable Tester
& Diagnostic I/O Tap Header

The NEX-5990 MDC Universal Machine Interface

The main CNC Machine Data Collection (MDC) & I/O Universal Machine Interface (with power supply) board to be used with the other 5900 series via ribbon cable IDC connections. Ideal as a power supply for our ORiONs in Fanuc controls, the NEX-5990 can be applied to most CNCs. The NEX-5990 has the following features and they come in 5 types:

  1. NEX-5990-P The Power Supply only version for powering peripherals from the 24VDC normal CNC supply (although it will work with any power greater than 2 volts Above what you need.
  2. NEX-5990-PS The power supply and Fanuc DB25 serial interface. This version is designed to supply both bower and a simple conversion of normal Fanuc serial cables to enable a standard null modem DB9F-DB9F null modem cable - and tap the 24VDC off pin 25.
  3. NEX-5990-Axx This is the fully populated version of the 5990 with client selectable IDC header that is needed (the "xx") - like 20 pin for Honda MR20, 26 for DB25s, 34, 40, 50 for Honda MR50, and 64 for various connectors found in CNC controls. The A is the type of I/O tap - where A represents the IDC to screw down terminal version.
  4. NEX-5990-Bxx The full version of the 5990 with an I/O tap style using a premade adapter card - sold separately - and with a client defined header (20/26/40/50 or 64 pin for the IDC interface).
  5. NEX-5990-Cxx This is also the full version with an I/O Tap interface of wire jumpers to a female connector on both sides of the tap where one can specify the number of pins needed (20/26/34/40/50&64).

The NEX-5990 I/O Tap Main Board Has the Following Features:

  • Magnetic base for quick install;
  • DB25M to DB9M for Fanuc cable conversion with 24VDC on pin 25 power extraction;
  • Jumpers to disable power to pin 9 on the DB9 and a jumper to enable pin 4&5 hardware flow control bypassing;
  • Self-resetting fuse on main 24VDC power Input to protect CNC;
  • Quick Disconnect dual screw down header for +24VDC input with EMF filter;
  • Special low heat 4 AMP power supply with 3 power taps for +5/9& 12VDC with a filtered +24VDC bypass + GND + Frame Ground out as well;
  • I/O matrix for IDC ribbon cable via a Y cable (one side to the control, another to the cable and the pigtail end to this board) of up to 64 pin (common sizes are 20/26/40/50&64 pin headers) for I/O tapping (including power);
  • A Sinking (to GND) and Sourcing (to +24VDC) Jumper for the 2 COMMONs on the outbound removable screw down terminals - saves wiring and allows for both modes 4 outputs on 1 header and 4 on the second which could be different for their COMMONs;
  • LEDs on the I/O for diagnostic reasons; and
  • Self Resetting Fuses on the eight screw down I/O lines going out.
NEX-5990-A50 I/O Tap and Power Supply Board
with Fanuc Serial Conversion
NEX-5990-A50 I/O Tap and Power Supply Board
with Fanuc Serial Conversion

NEX-5994 MiniPLC Board

The NEX-5994 MiniPLC board is designed to be a communications hub for the ORiON.It can handle 16 digital inputs, 4 relay outputs, a universal power supply from the standard CNC +24VDC, DB9 serial from the CNC, serial protocols, RJ12 to a Handheld serial terminal, USB out to the ORiON and hex switches for easy programming.