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The Nexas TooliVision™ CNC Scope System

CNC Setup & Verification Optimization

The new Nexas TooliVision™ CNC Scope System fits in any spindle normal 3/4" machine tool holder and enables a scope-like part inspection to reduce setup time, perform better calibrations and check parts after machining.

A high resolution USB camera in the TooliVision™ CNC Scope System uses the machine to position the camera 2.0 inches above the part. With 20 built-in infra-red LEDs for light, the part features are magnified 40 times their size.

Windows software then shows the image with a scalable circle and cross-hair calibrated to be the center of the spindle rotation for alignment. Use normal CNC motion control to move the TooliVision™ CNC Scope System around to measure and check features. This process can be done manually by an operator, or automatically with a part program.

The TooliVision™ CNC Scope System is designed to work with Windows-based CNCs, PCs, laptops or our Nexas O2™ Machine Gateway Interface.

Here are the most common uses for the TooliVision CNC Scope:

  • Locate any visual reference (either manually or automatically);
  • Instrumentation quality built in aluminum 3" x 3" x 6" and designed to fit in a 3/4" drill holder of your choice;
  • Find the center of a small/large holes;
  • Find the corner of a workpiece
  • Align an edge of a workpiece;
  • Find quadrants of a circle;
  • Measure the size of a workpiece;
  • Find the angle of a workpiece in X & Y;
  • Find the angle of a sine table in Z;
  • Inspect the bottom of a small blind hole (for FOD - Foreign Object Debris);
  • Inspect small tools;
  • Help to reverse engineer any part;
  • Indicate a tooling plate to the machine's axis;
  • Register work done on one side with work to be done on the other side if a part needs to flipped;
  • See in the dark;
  • Comply with safety regulations by being able to do a setup (or inspect) with the door closed;
  • Act as a visual confirmation of a location (like work zero) before cycle start..